Why Vinyl Fences Are Better Than Wood Fences

I mean this really shouldn’t be a discussion. In fact, there shouldn’t even be this whole long article about it because it’s plain and simple. However, maybe it isn’t so cut blank for some people. If that is the case, then I suppose we are going to need this whole long article after all. Well, no problem I suppose. I am going to tell you why vinyl fences are better than wood and by the end of this article, I hope that if you have wood, you will switch to vinyl because really; you should.


Wood is great and all because you can paint it and sand it and it’s cheap. Well, while that is stupendous, wood is also a lot of work. Wood very easily begins to rot, mold, and wear down. If you live in a place with a lot of rain, your wood fence and whatever paint job you may have done on it are going to have all been for nothing because the rain is going to ruin all of it. Wood fences also require a lot of maintenance and when I say a lot, I mean, a lot. You need to sand them, power wash them, paint them, seal then, stain then, etc. What if you paint your fence one color and then the HOA comes by and tells you that it is time to change the color. Like, a lot of work much?

Wood can also get termite damage. I mean, it is wood after all. Not only that, but if you leave wet leaves around the base of your wood fence, then you are going to have to worry about the insane rot that you find down there. Yes, wood and dirt cost about the same, but like people often say, you get what you pay for. Is vinyl crazy expensive? No, but it provides so much more than wood does. Trust me on this one, if you were thinking of choosing between wood and vinyl, I can only suggest that you go with vinyl. It has so many pluses!  So many more than wood does. Now, am I completely knocking wood? No. If done right, a wood fence can last you for quite a nice time, but it is much more worth it to put the money into a vinyl fence rather than trying to make a wood one work.


Vinyl fences are incredible because they can do all the things that wood can do, just a lot less work. If you want to have that white picket fence like you saw in the movies, you can do that with a vinyl fence. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about the white paint chipping and making your white picket fence look tacky. You know that once the pain starts chipping on a wood fence, it makes sense to just remove all of it and paint the fence again? Do you know how much work that is? With a vinyl fence, all you have to do is get it in the color you like and bam, you never have to color it again. When you need to clean the vinyl fence, all you really need to do is get some soap and water on it every once in a while. Sometimes it might develop some harder to clean stains and when that happens, then you might need to deploy the use of some chemicals like bleach. Sometimes it can get pretty intense stains and then you are going to need to use some even tougher products, but as long as you clean your fence often, it might not have to come to that.

Vinyl fences are not as cheap as wood fences, but they can be styled in all of the same ways. If you want a privacy fence, you can have a privacy vinyl fence! If you want a picket fence, you can have a vinyl picket fence! Vinyl is also least affected by weather so if you live in a place with a lot of rain, you don’t need to worry about your vinyl fence rotting or getting weaker. The only thing that can really affect vinyl fences is intense cold as this causes the vinyl to take on an almost ice like quality and then crack.

Vinyl Or Wood?

I mean, I think that by the end of his it is pretty obvious which one you should go with if you are choosing between the two, but if you still aren’t sure, our favorite for residential fence installations in Tampa is vinyl.a

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