How To Clean A Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are a fine addition to any yard. Vinyl comes with a lot of benefits in comparison to other fence materials. Vinyl fences are easy to install, even for a DIY-er working alone. These fences are durable and low-maintenance, making them a popular alternative to wooden fences. Vinyl fences are pretty easy to clean and it’s virtually the only maintenance you’ll really need to do to keep your vinyl fence ship shape. There are a few steps you should take toward cleaning your vinyl fence. The best way to preserve the integrity of your vinyl fence is by keeping up with its cleaning – here’s how to do that effectively!

First, Spray Your Fence Off with a Hose

It doesn’t matter what kind of stain you’re trying to overcome with your vinyl fence – the process should start with hosing down the soiled area. This step removes any loose dirt and debris that your fence may be hosting without damaging the fence. Any further steps you take toward cleaning your fence after this will be more effective if you hose it down first. If you find that hosing the fence with your regular nozzle isn’t very effective, switch to a high pressure nozzle and get a bit more bang for your buck.

Try A Few Quick-Fix Cleaning Materials.

You’d be surprised how much an everyday cleaning material can undo the dirty damage done on your fence. If the stain you’re dealing with is pretty heavy duty this step may not help much. However, don’t undermine what an eraser sponge can do to lift off more minor stains. Simple dirt, dust and general yard stains can be pretty effectively removed with an eraser sponge. This step can save you a lot of time, so don’t go straight to the high-intensity options if a scrub with an eraser sponge would be enough.

Using A Simple Cleaning Solution to Remove Stains on a Vinyl Fence 

This method is one step above the one mentioned previously. A simple cleaning solution can be effective for some of the same basic stains an eraser sponge could handle. This method is better for dealing with cracks and crevices, however. For making the simple solution, all you’ll need is some dish soap and a bucket of warm water. Just combine a bit of dish soap with the warm water and agitate it until it gets sudsy. You’ll then want to take an old dish towel or rag and scrub the stain thoroughly. If all is well except a few stubborn stains, try a non-abrasive scrubby and work that elbow grease. 

Using Bleach to Remove Stubborn Vinyl Fence Stains

If the previous steps haven’t done the job right, then your next option is scrubbing with a bleach solution. Just do the same process as the last step, this time using bleach in place of dish soap. Use one-part bleach for every five parts water. You’ll need to protect your hands when using bleach so wear rubber gloves and work carefully. Almost any stain on your vinyl fence should be conquerable with a bleach solution.

Get Tough Stains Out of a Vinyl Fence Using a Specialized Cleaner

Some stains on your vinyl fence can be really stubborn. These stains are sometimes the result of fence neglect or your fence coming in contact with a staining material suddenly. Many effective vinyl fence cleaners can be found quite readily online. Iron and mold are the hardest stains to get out of a vinyl fence. When push comes to shove a Xylene cleaner should do the trick. Otherwise you may need to have your vinyl fence replaced.

The best way to keep your vinyl fence clean is by protecting it from being stained in the first place. Don’t let your fence get too dirty and there will be no need for heavy-duty chemical cleaners. Spray down your fence once a week if at all possible. Doing this will better protect your fence from those tougher stains that require stronger cleaning solutions.  Also, give your vinyl fence a basic wash with soapy water every few weeks. Doing this will keep your vinyl fence clean, bright and vibrant for many years to come. Another defensive measure you can take toward protecting your fence is applying a mold-resistant coating to the surface of the vinyl. This will inhibit mold from growing, which is great because mold stains can be pretty difficult to remove. Do your due diligence toward vinyl fence maintenance and you’ll be just fine!

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