Tampa Common Fencing Styles

Best Fences for Homes in Tampa

Fence Builders Tampa is a company that is built on a strong foundation that strives to offer the best fence installation services in the Tampa FL area. We are considered the top fence builders in Tampa by our valued customers and we attribute this partially to our ability to provide an assortment of different top quality fences for all of your fencing needs. All of our fences work great for residents of Tampa and Tampa businesses the same. Our fences are great for any landscape plan, it all depends on what your needs are and what material you would like to enclose your property.


Tampa Fence Builders

Wooden Fencing in Tampa.

Wooden fences are by far our most common product demanded by our wonderful customers. Wooden fences are customizable, inexpensive, and are a nice touch to a Southern Florida property. These fences make the homes that they protect feel cozy and have a homey appearance. A wooden fence is a simple way to improve the look of your land while not breaking the bank at your local fence installation company. Thanks to our professional team of contractors and procurement specialists, only the best quality woods are used for the building and installation of Tampa fences. There are a lot of different types of wood that could be considered for the use in a wooden fence but we typically stick with a few options based on their likeliness to weather in Florida and the protection that is offered. Cedar wood is commonly used in our fences and pressure treated pine fencing is also used. These options are great for fencing needs on a budget that can still withstand the weather conditions present in the Tampa area


PVC Fencing in Tampa.

Our top fence builders in Tampa have tenure when installing PVC fences because this type of fence is installed all over Tampa. PVC fences are great because they match and compliment many different landscape designs and fit well with a wide variety of building types. PVC fences are constructed out of a type of plastic that is weather resistant and perfect for the heat that Floridians are familiar with. Fence Builders Tampa pride themselves on being the best fence installation company around and these PVC fences are part of the reason why. PVC fences provide the patrons of Tampa with the privacy and durability that they need at the price they deserve.


Chain Link Fencing in Tampa.

Chain link fences are a budget-friendly way to fence in Sparky the dog while you’re away at work or provide some safety from intruding animals. Our fence building company has put installed many of these fences over the years making these jobs quick and easy for our customers. Chain link fences are perfect for areas that experience hurricanes because of their ability to withstand high-pressure winds and heavy precipitation. If your fence is damaged after going through a harsh storm, the repairs on chain link fences are quite affordable. These fences are typically constructed out of galvanized steel and can even be coated in a protectant layer of polyethylene to keep your chain link fence in tip-top shape. Chain link fences are able to keep your yard looking clean while also providing protection of your property.


Wrought Iron Fencing in Tampa.

Wrought Iron fences are used in situations where the customer is looking for a fence that will last and if maintained, will be around for the next generation. These fences are not going to let any unwanted person place or thing to cross the line and are perfect for people seeking protection over their property, assets, and family. Iron fences are heavy and specialized for that strong look you’ve been after. These fences are the result of quality engineering and meticulous workmanship that offers peace of mind to anyone residing inside. Iron fences are a feat that only a top fence installation company should take on and are often paired with the use of concrete to ensure quality and durability. These fences are not just stable and reliable, they have the ability to look great too. Wrought iron fences commonly involve personalized designs and ornaments to top fence posts. This type of fence has been around and protecting property since before steel was invented but is still used today due to its resilience and traditional look.

Aluminum Fencing in Tampa.

Tampa Fence Team has been producing aluminum fences as a way for customers to get a look similar to iron fencing but with a different material. Iron fences are a big step in the direction for quality and protection that can still be satisfied using an aluminum fencing option. Aluminum fences are a bit lighter than some other fence installation offerings which make repairs not as daunting for the customer. This type of fence allows visibility from the outside but not access. Outsiders can look but they cannot touch when a property is protected within an aluminum fence. This is a simple way to increase the value of your land, showcase your home or outdoor toys while still feeling like your property is safe within your own domain. Hiring fence builders in Tampa to install an aluminum fence is a great idea for a back or front yard and offer a way to curb the dangers associated with having young children or animals around a pool.


Ranch Fencing in Tampa.

Not all fence builders in Tampa are able to offer fencing options for farming properties like Tampa Fence Team is able to. Fence Builders Tampa has a competitive advantage in the industry because they are able to provide farmers and rural property owners with the protection of farming assets and livestock that they need to keep their farm running seamlessly. Farm fencing options often use the split rail design because it makes the fence’s structural integrity stronger to keep big and small animals from entering or exiting. These fencing options are perfect for holding pens that segregate different animals such as cows, goats, and horses from each other while also offering protection over these animals from predators such as coyotes and panthers. These fences have a unique appearance that can complement any farmhouse or barn.