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Are you looking for a capable fence company in South Tampa to build a beautiful fence for you? Well, look no further than the fence experts of Tampa Fence! We’re a top South Tampa fence company with years of experience and skill in all types of fence building. No matter the scale, we’re the team to call for fence installation in Hillsborough County! Many people install fences for specific reasons. Listening to the vision of the client is one of the most important parts of South Tampa fence installation, in our opinion. In fact, prioritizing the wants and needs of the client is a big reason why we’ve had success as fence contractors in South Tampa, Florida! Of course, professional work using high-quality materials is the cornerstone of our business. We’ve discovered the secret recipe to fence company success and we want you to benefit from it!

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Top Wooden Fence Installation in Hillsborough County

Wooden fences have been a common and popular fence building choice for quite a long time. There are some good reasons why this is so! For one thing, wood is a pretty affordable fence material. Of course, wood can get more expensive depending on how lavish you want your fence to be. Still, on average, wood is an affordable fence material that’s simple to understand and easy to install. In fact, a homeowner that is confident in their DIY skills could build one for themselves. However, the assistance of a professional can be a great help to wooden fence installation in South Tampa. To build a fence on your own, you’ll need to do a lot of preparatory work including leveling and double measuring. One misstep in this process could throw off the entire fence. Unless you’re really confident, or better yet, you have some previous experience, it may be a good idea to leave South Tampa wood fence installation to the proven pros.

Top-Rated Vinyl Fence Installation by Tampa Fence

Vinyl fences are a great alternative to wood fences. They often cost a bit more, but that’s for good reason. The maintenance necessary to care for a wooden fence can be pretty time-consuming and expensive. Ignoring said maintenance can result in a grey wooden fence that needs to be replaced. With vinyl fencing, you won’t have such problems as these. Vinyl fences require virtually no maintenance besides a cleaning every once in a while. If you’re a property owner who does not have the time or availability for much fence maintenance, vinyl fence installation in South Tampa, FL could be just right for you. Vinyl fences are also completely impervious to the dangers that wood fences constantly face. Insect damage, water damage and rot are not at all a problem with vinyl fencing. Many vinyl fences come in styles that mimic wood-fencing very closely, making it a solid low-maintenance alternative to the traditional wooden fence.

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Chain-Link Fence Installation near Westchase, FL

Professional Chain-Link Fence Installation near South Tampa, FL

Chain-link fence installation in Hillsborough County, FL could be just what you need for your property! Chain-link fences are a popular choice for municipal and commercial fence installation due to their good function that is paired with great visibility. Chain-link fences are not the best choice for curb appeal in regard to residential use, but some homeowners find a way to skirt this issue. Pairing a short chain-link fence with a more decorative, taller fence on the outside is a nice way to get both the function of a chain-link fence with the decorative appeal of a wood or vinyl fence. Chain-link fences are easily customized into many different styles, so feel free to adapt the height, loop size and color to your liking. Chain-link fence installation near South Tampa is easy to achieve with our company!


Hillsborough County Iron Fence Installation

Iron fences have a style that just cannot be mimicked by another fence material. Is there a fence building material as grand as iron? Iron fence in South Tampa adds a classy, impenetrable feel to a property that surely won’t be lost on the people who view it. If you want to make a statement with your fence, iron fence installation near South Tampa is the way to do so! Iron fences are quite expensive, but once installed they will last for decades. As for the maintenance of an iron fence, rust will be an issue that you will need to treat against every once in a while. If this is a red flag for you, consider a rust-proof and similarly priced alternative in aluminum fence installation South Tampa. Wrought iron fences can be twisted and formed into a large variety of different styles, so you’ll have your pick! Wrought iron fence installation near Hillsborough County is definitely worth the price tag!

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Affordable Residential Fence Installation in South Tampa

Affordable Residential Fence Installation in South Tampa

Residential fence installation in South Tampa, Florida is a specialty of our company! If you’re looking to add a fence to your residential property, we’re the ones to call! There are many reasons why homeowners incorporate fences into their exterior design. Some reasons are wholly functional. Privacy fences are a common choice for backyards, as most people don’t want their neighbors to have a front row seat to their personal yard time. Another reason why people build fences for their homes is to establish property limits. This is great when a homeowner wants to establish some lasting exterior design - it’s good to know where your yard ends and where the neighbor’s yard begins in this case! For the best residential fence installation near South Tampa, choose Tampa Fence!

Top Commercial Fence Installation near South Tampa, Florida

Commercial fence installation in Hillsborough County is possible with our fencing pros! Commercial fence building operations often differ from residential ones in significant ways. With commercial fencing the scale is often larger. Also, the need for true professionalism in the installation is a must. A fence that is built for a business must be clean, precise and well-installed. After all, your fence is a representation of your business, a first impression even. Projects like this shouldn’t be left to chance, so count on our top-rated fence contractors for a fence your business can get behind!

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