Why Visit Tampa, FL

There are more places to visit in Florida than just Orlando and Miami. Like Tampa for instance. Now, you might be wondering, why on Earth would I want to visit Tampa, FL

Well, here is a few reasons why.

Reason 1: The festivals never end.

If you like festivals, then Tampa is the place for you. There is a festival pretty much every weekend, so there is no end to the fun there. From music festivals to Tampapaloozas, there will be no end to the music, sun, and fun.

Festivals are great fun and that is why if you enjoy them you should certainly visit Tampa. I mean, a festival every weekend is sure exciting! Great music and fun in the sun is a wonderful way to spend some time. 

Reason 2: The Foodies are happy here.

When you think of major food scenes, does Tampa come to mind? Probably not. However, Tampa has great food options. From traditional fare to food trucks, to farm-to-table delights, Tampa is a foodies delight. Trying lots of different cuisine is fun. Although Tampa is no L.A. or Louisiana when it comes to food, it is still a great place to enjoy some food if you come to visit. 

Reason 3: Tampa is Home to Some Major Leagues

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Tampa Bay Rays are the three Major league teams that you will spot in Tampa. Whether you’re into hockey, baseball, or football, with these teams, it’s gonna be a good time.

Whether you like only one of these sports or you appreciate all three, there really is no shortage of sports fun!

Reason 4: Come for the beaches.

Florida is known for the beach and Tampa has some great ones! Lay back in the sand and enjoy some sun and waves! Seaweed, small fish, and other people are some of the great things you’ll see in the water; what a wonder! It’s great to be in the city, but relaxing on the beach and soaking up some sun is a great way to recharge!

Reason 5: Lots of Art and Culture in Tampa.

If you’re into museums and art, Tampa is a great place to visit with the Tampa Museum of Art and the Ringling, Nothing beats walking around a museum all day and taking pictures of pictures! 

There are also history museums, cultural festivals, and the Straz Center if you’re into performing arts!

Reason 6: If you go around Christmas time, visit Hyaleah Road.

There isn’t any snow in Tampa, but there are Christmas lights; and that’s all you really need to make it feel like Christmas, right? Between Serena Drive and Poinsettia Avenue, there are amazing Christmas lights to see that the locals put up. Busch Gardens has a nice show, but the locals down in Hyaleah put on a better one!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to visit Tampa now. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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