Best Fences For Your Home In Tampa, FL

Fences are a great invention for homes and it is really a shame that people sometimes go without them. There are many uses for fences on a property and with all the different fence styles and designs, there really is no shortage of creativity. Fences are great and if you have the ability to get one, you totally should. Which fence type is right for you though? Well, let’s talk about the basic pros and cons of each.

Wood fences offer the most creative freedom, but they are not the best fence type as all weather, including sun, is damaging to wood. Vinyl fences are great and are a personal favorite of mine. They can withstand most weather and they are pretty durable. They can be formed into the same styles that wood can, so they really are a step up. One flaw about vinyl fences is that when the weather gets cold enough, they become so brittle that a blunt hit will shatter it. 

Chain link fences can be built up to crazy heights and the holes can be shrunk to a very small size. They are great for commercial properties, but not exactly for residential ones. Having a chain link fence will lower the value of your home, so make sure if you have one, you remove it before you put your house on the market.

Wrought Iron fences are great and they are very durable. They definitely give your home a look of respect and it would take a lot for someone to break them! The only downside is that wrought iron is expensive and it can also rust, so remember that.

Aluminum fences have pretty much the same pros and cons of wrought iron except, aluminum has two extra pros. One: it doesn’t rust; it’s aluminum! Two: Because it’s aluminum, it’s flexible. You can have it on hilly terrain!

Alright, onto some fences.

Backyard Fence

Backyard fences are a great addition to the home. Really, how many homes do you know that don’t have a backyard fence? Probably not a lot. A backyard fence is important for privacy and safety, so if you don’t have one, get one.

Pool Fence

If you have a pool, then you need to get a pool fence. Especially if you have children, getting a pool fence is an essential. I know you might think that nothing has happened yet and nothing will happen, but it’s important to be prepared for anything. 

Pool fences can look nice so you don’t have to worry about getting that ruins the look of your pool. 

Front Yard Fence

Fences in the front yard are not as big of a deal to people, but I think that having one just offers you a whole level of security that you didn’t have prior. It also gives your home a nice look depending on what fence type you choose for your home! No matter which type you choose, make sure you go with a good company to install it for you.

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