How A Proper Fence Can Raise The Value Of Your Home

I mean, come on guys. Do you really not know that having a proper fence raises the value of your home? I mean, I don’t know about you but when I see a home without a fence, I immediately turn away from it. I mean like, where is your privacy? Where is your security? Where are your property lines? Where is your style? Where is your sense? I mean like, come on guys! Okay, I didn’t mean to get on you, or anyone out there that doesn’t have a fence, but let’s be real here, having a fence for a home is super important.

I mean, why would anyone want to buy your home if they had to put the fence in by themselves? Not only is that money out of their pocket, but it is more than likely that they are going to say, “The value of this home is too high considering I’m going to have to put a fence in. Either the property owners should put a fence in, or they should lower the price.” Now, I know good and well that you are probably not looking to lower the value of your home and that is why it is so important to have a fence. This fence, this proper fence, will raise the value of your home.


Privacy is so important to you and me and not having a fence for your home is just terrible. Your home will not only be out in the open to everyone, but anyone that looks at your house as a potential purchase will see the lack of privacy and very well may change their minds about the place. I know I would. The point of making your home more valuable means that sometimes you are going to have to do things that might not appeal to you. Say, maybe you find having a fence for your home to be constricting. That’s great for you, but when the potential homeowners see the home they are going to wonder what exactly is going on! When you move to your new home, enjoy yourself. Rip down the fences and enjoy life. However, if you are interested in getting your home’s value up, you are going to need to put in a fence, I mean, really. The home isn’t yours anymore.


My good friend, did you know that not having a fence on your property lowers the security? Did you know that the value of your home could potential be lowered because of the lack of a fence that provides security? Now, I’m not saying that you have to go out and get yourself one of those fancy automatic gates, but at least putting up a simple wood fence will raise the value of your home! If your home has a fence that means that it isn’t something that someone can just walk up to and on, you feel safer. If you have children or the potential homeowners have children, they will feel a lot safer knowing that the home they will be buying has a fence! I mean really.

Property Lines

Your home is probably next to a neighbors. That’s great and all until you park your car a tiny bit in their space and then they start having a fit about how you can’t respect their property lines. Not only that, but if a potential buyer for your home has children and there is no fence separating the two homes, their child can run right over to the neighbor’s yard and break something. Guess who’s paying for that? You are. I’m telling you, unless your home is in a bit of a private area where there isn’t a lot of people and the trees act as a fence, having a fence is essential.


Having a proper fence is great because of the fact that it allows you to express yourself. If you have one, your home not only gets a cleaner nicer look, but it also allows you to sort of show your individuality. I walk past so many homes without fences and I really wonder, why? I mean, I’m just saying, there are more people out there like me that will say, “This home doesn’t have a fence so I’m going to try to go in under list price.” Trust me on this.

So, you may be curious as to why we say proper fence. Well, that’s because there are a few fence companies out here that will install for you a trash fence. Well, if you realize why your home needs a fence to raise its vale, don’t be afraid to call the Tampa Fence Builders Group, we’ll give you a proper fence, no problem.

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