Best Fence To Get for a Dog

Well, that’s a good question. We all love our pets a lot. Our dogs are super special to us; they’re like our children. If something happens to them, it’s heartbreaking and it’s something that we do everything we can to try and avoid. Well, that is probably why you are here reading this article. Whether you have had a dog for a while and the fence you currently have isn’t working, or perhaps you are thinking of getting a dog for yourself or the family and you want to know what type of fence to get for the new pup. No matter which one of these rings true for you, I’m going to help you figure out which type of fence works best for your dog. There are a few very important things to note, so let’s begin, okay?


The height of the fence you choose is very important. Six feet is the minimum height that we suggest. If your dog can jump higher than that and you are allowed to have a fence that is bigger than six feet, by all means, get a taller one. Dogs are very active animals and if they see something in the distance that they want to get, they will most likely clear the fence to get to it. Even if you have a tiny dog with tiny legs, it is still important to get a six-foot fence. You never know, one day you might leave a small crate next to the fence and that tiny legged pup will hop on the box and then right over the fence; crazier things have happened.

If your dog can jump higher than six feet and you can make a taller fence, that’s great. The only thing is some people are barred by the HOA and so the max they’re fence can usually be is about six feet. It is important to make sure that your fence is tall enough to prevent your dog from being able to jump up and over because it’s just in the dog’s nature; they’re animals. Don’t think if your dog runs away it’s because they don’t love you, that isn’t the case. It’s simply because they are animals following animal; instinct.

Know Your Dog

Does your dog like to bark at everything they see? Do they have a hard time keeping it together when people come by? If that’s the case, then maybe you would want to consider getting a fence with closed slats. The only problem with that though is the fact that sometimes dogs like to act even crazier if they can’t see what is happening around them. So then, maybe you would want to consider getting a fence that they can see through partially.

If your dog is pretty heavy, it might be a good idea to make sure that the fence you get is strong enough that they won’t be able to crash through it. Sometimes that actually depends on what fence company you have installed the fence and what materials they use.  If you are nervous about your dog being able to break through the fence, perhaps consider getting a material that is stronger than wood. The thing with wood is that it can start to rot and lose strength after enough rain happens. If your dog decides to crash into it on a day where the wood fence is just really not feeling it’s best, you could go into the yard only to discover that your friend is gone.

Something else to note is the size between the bars. Dogs aren’t like cats that can slip through even the smallest of spaces, but if the bars are big enough, they can. Something that can happen is the bars will be big enough for your dog to get their head through, but nothing else. If that happens, then you are probably going to have to get some help for them. This is definitely not a scenario that you are going to want to deal with, so it is very important to make sure the bars are the proper size.

Never Chain Link

Not only does the chain-link lower the overall value of your home, but it also is dangerous for the dog. All that sharp wire can hurt your furry friend and that isn’t something that we want. They can also try to chew the fence which will hurt them even more and if they try to dig under it, they’ll hurt themselves! Chain link just isn’t a good idea.

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