Should I Paint My Fence or Stain It?

Painting A Fence by Professional Fence Contractors In Tampa. Affordable Fence Painting Services in Tampa, Florida?

Do you want the best fence in Hillsborough County? Is it your dream to really let your personality shine through those generic slats? In that case, you may require some professional painting by Tampa fence contracting professionals! We’ll turn your bland fence of chain-link, wrought iron, wood, aluminum or PVC into a colorful masterpiece that adorns your home. Our team knows to only paint fences with outdoor paint that is especially made to withstand the weather. We also know that an even coat is important, and we can assure you of a professional finish. Your fence will be painted beautifully in the blink of an eye, all because you hired the best fence company in Tampa, FL to color your fence!

Painting a fence is a DIY job that any homeowner can handle. But there are some steps that you must take if you want to achieve the finish of a professional fence contractor in Tampa, Florida. Begin by deciding what method you’re going to use for paint application. Depending on the size of your fence, you may opt for a four inch brush, a roller, or a paint sprayer. In all cases, make sure to cover surrounding areas with drop cloth or cardboard for paint protection. Always begin fence painting by removing any staples or screws in your fence beforehand. These little obstructions will just get in the way of your painting later on. Fill any knotholes, in the case of a wooden fence, with putty. Finally, clean the fence thoroughly, either with soapy water or a chemical cleaning agent. Let dry, and now your ready to paint! Go slowly and carefully, paying special attention to an even paint application. Paint the fence in the direction of the slats, which is often laterally. If you follow these steps closely, it’ll be like getting a fence by an affordable Tampa fence company!

Fences and the Weather. Professional Fence Repair by Top Tampa, FL Fence Contractors.

Fences can certainly take a toll during bad weather. Rain has especially bad effects over wooden fences in Tampa and wrought iron fences in Tampa, Florida. We certainly get our share of rain in this region, so it’s important to know how to do proper upkeep on your fence when the weather is working against you. In the case of wooden fences, protect your fence with a waterproof stain and re-apply every few years. When wet leaves blow onto your fence after a storm, make sure to hose them off! Wet leaves make little spots of standing water that slowly rot your fence. This often results in knotholes, which are perfect homes for termites! As soon as you see a slat or two that’s looking out of shape, call our top-rated fence company in Tampa, FL for an effective and timely fence repair.

Wrought iron fences need to be kept an eye on in rainy weather as well. We know the deal with iron. Water equals oxidation which equals rust. The only way to protect iron from the inevitable is to stay on top of it. Put yourself in a good position by having your fence treated with a rust-resistant liquid covering. Whenever you spy rust forming, don’t turn a blind eye! Grab some steel wool and scrub that rust out! Reapply paint as necessary. For larger rust stains, you may want the assistance off a chemical cleaner. Doing rust maintenance on an iron fence can be like a second job. Just know that you can always skip the hassle by hiring the best Tampa fence company for wrought iron fences!

Tampa Fence Builders Staining A Wooden Fence. Wooden Fences by Top Fence Contractors in Tampa, Florida.                                                       

Staining a wooden fence has many benefits. The aesthetic appeal of a wood fence can be heightened greatly by a stain. Stains bring out the natural, rich tone of the wood, exposing the grain and just making an awesome look. When you have your wooden fence stained by the best fence contractors in Hillsborough County, it will look like a whole new fence. The professional finish will certainly impress you and your neighbors. But staining isn’t all appearance. Staining a fence is like seal coating pavers – it gives your fence a coating of extra defense against the weather. Exposure to beautiful Tampa, FL. sunshine will eventually fade your fence, and those heavy rains we’re also known for can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, eventually resulting in rot. Do your fence a favor and have it stained by professional wooden fence contractors in Tampa, Florida every few years!

Staining a fence on your own is an undertaking that should be taken with care. Begin by deciding on a stain. You may want to go with a medium tone that doesn’t cover up the wood’s natural grain, but go with the choice that fits your style. There are colored stains on the market as well, in funky colors like green, blue, pink and yellow. Once you’ve got your stain, you’ll want to decide on your application method. You can apply your stain with a large four inch brush, a roller, or a paint sprayer. No matter which method you choose, having a brush nearby to smooth over any missed sections or to even out piled paint is a good idea. Make sure to protect surrounding areas with drop cloth or cardboard. You don’t want o stain the walkway after all! Prime your fence, and clean it with either water or a chemical wood cleaner before applying the stain. If all of this sounds like a doozy, just phone in the help of our professional Tampa fence contractors!

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